Jewellery Repairs


Does your masterpiece need a little fixing or extra love? We offer full jewellery repair services for pieces purchased through Highstreet Jewellery. Please note that it is the client’s responsibility for any shipping fees and costs associated with the actual repair/s. Every single repair will be assessed on a case-by-case basis as each piece is unique and no two repairs are the same. Highstreet Jewellery is not responsible for regular wear-and-tear of jewellery.

Steps to having your Highstreet jewellery repaired:

  1. Send us an email to with your full name, address, date purchased, an image of your broken piece and the repair you are seeking.

  2. We will do our best to respond to you within 48 hours, letting you know the approximate cost of the repair and work that needs to be done. We will also provide you with the shipping address your piece will need to be sent to for the repair work to be done.

  3. Securely package your piece of jewellery in the original pouch or some type of protective box/bag. Place it in a professional mailing wrap/envelope and send it to the address we provide. We highly recommend using a tracked service as we are not responsible for the loss of your package during transit.

  4. Repairs will be completed within 30 days after receiving your package, unless we specify otherwise. Some repairs may take longer depending on material needed, shipment and previous order delays. We will notify you about any delays as well as the completion of your repair via email. Payment must be made in full before your item is returned to you.

  5. Remember, jewellery is meant to be worn, loved, broken and made new again. Repairs are a natural thing and we are committed to providing you with the highest level of service and making your pieces wearable again.